Custom Fly Boxes

A fully custom tied fly box we did for our customer heading to Abaco, Bahamas.
 A custom box for one of our awesome customers heading to fish at Blackfly Lodge in Abaco, Bahamas.

Picture yourself embarking on your first or fiftieth saltwater flats trip, and an empty fly box is staring at you like a blank canvas stares at a painter. Getting flies is easy, but getting the correct flies and understanding how to fish them is vital to your success when you are throwing them. Taking your fly box to the next level is as important as remembering to pack your fly rod. Our resident fly tying junkies can satisfy the oddest palette, for any saltwater destination around the globe.

Advice From Experts

When you order a fly box from us, you have experienced anglers and fly tyers on the other end of the phone, voicing their advice and opinions. We can talk through exactly what you need, and what you don't!

Fly Design, Just For You!

Because flies and how we design and fish them are always evolving and being improved, we try to always think outside the box when it comes to cutting edge innovation, new materials, styles and techniques of fishing. If you have an idea that you think is dying to be tied, we can help. Patterns that are not currently for sale or available on our site can be available to be custom tied by the shop. Just email Sam at with inspiration images, hook size, weight, and color preferences, and he will assist you in tying your dream flies.

Custom tarpon flies for a customer fishing in Nicaragua.

Order Minimums on Custom Flies

If a fly we currently do not offer is requested, there is a 12 fly minimum for that order. Sam will work side by side with you based on your preferences for color, size, and pattern inspiration. It helps a great deal to have some fishing goals you are trying to accomplish in particularly specific situations. Put us in the driver’s seat and let’s get you where you want to be!

A good introductory example would go something like this: "Hey Sam, I was here in ________ conditions fishing for ________ species, and _________ happened. What fly can we use to solve this problem?"

We tend to follow the methodology that fly tying should primarily exist out of necessity, that each part of fly design can provide solutions for your angling problems, inefficiencies, or situations. We in no way discredit flies that exist just to look pretty, as all of ours aspire to look, but our primary focus is tying you flies that fish incredibly well, without any of the other frills that fly companies and fly shops tend to sell you on. Order custom flies from people who want you to catch fish as badly as you do!

Fully Custom Tied Fly Boxes

The fully custom tied fly box is for the angler that wants exclusive patterns in their box that are staples of their fishery, and innovative patterns that are cutting edge. Rely on our expertise and take the guesswork out of the fly side of things. 

There is a four dozen minimum for a fully custom fly box, and a six fly minimum per color, size, and fly pattern. There is a volume discount of 10% off your total box cost after 8 dozen flies, in addition to a complementary fly box to hold all your fish food.

For a fully custom tied fly box over 8 dozen flies, a 25% deposit is required at the time the box is ordered.

Hand Curated Fly Boxes

If all you want is a mixture of commercially and locally tied flies, we can hand pick flies that are currently in our bin for your box. Choose from our selection, with expert help from our knowledgeable staff, and see results on the flats. There is no minimum or maximum order, just the availability of patterns in our bins. There is a volume discount of 10% after 8 dozen flies. 


Happy hunting! And if you have questions, concerns, or want to place an order, please call the shop and we'll be happy to assist you on your journey!