• July Fly Tying Night

    Join us for the next Fly Tying Night on July 18th with Mike Champigny!


    The bonefishing is on fire!

    Do your part to conserve the fishery.
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    Your new favorite fishing shirt.
  • Don't Lift The Rod

    First Rule Of Tarpon Fishing...

The Art of

Fly Tying

Come one, come all! Join the madness that is tying your own flies. Coming tight to a fish with a fly you tied on your own is one of the most important experiences in fly fishing!

We've got all the materials and tools you'll need to get it done.

"Nothing Beats time on the water

And honest feed back from the experts"

SMFS Fly Boxes

Buying flies is easy, but getting the correct flies and understanding
how to fish them is vital to your success when you are fishing.
SMFS Custom Fly Boxes are pre-loaded with the flies you need to hook up to Florida Keys bonefish, permit and tarpon.

Now the only question is, can you get them to the fish?

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