So much goes into designing, building, and dreaming up a fly shop, and as owners and operators, there are decisions to make that sculpt what the shop will eventually become. Because we are serving a community, in an industry, that solely relies on the healthy of the environment, most particularly, the ocean, we as owners have to make environmentally conscious decisions. 

Seven Mile Fly Shop, physically, was not always the fly shop that you know it to be. We can tell you first hand, that truly, it was not always pretty. It used to be the Florida Keys Radio Station, and we still build on the heritage that we inherited when we moved in the building. Every nook and crevice inside the shop has been thought out, from our custom rod rack, our casting pond, and even the intricacies of our fly tying material room. Simply put, this shop was not built by people who do not fish. It was built by anglers and people who care about water.

Florida Keys Radio History:

Radio Tower: The wind plays a huge part in fly fishing - where the fish are, where they are going, and how the angler can cast to them. Frequently, fishing guides look for flags on storefronts to see what direction the wind is blowing. The old radio signal tower now acts as such a monument, look out for it the next time you are on the water and are wondering what direction the wind is blowing. It might just save your day.

Our Fixtures: Our good friend Caleb Goins spent many sleepless nights designing the fixtures in our shop. After all, the pieces that hold our merchandise have to do their job, not only to keep things steady, but to make it look perfect. This is a big job. 

Casting Pond: Every fly shop has a parking lot. Hell, we do too! Not every fly shop has the option to really test a fly rod in a real life situation. We want to give our guests the experience of confidently investing in a piece of gear by testing it out, for real, 'on the water'. Our guests can cast a line and feel it actually hit water, instead of subjecting their investment to the blind hope that it might feel good. We always invite folks to come in to our shop and test it before you invest!





Exceptional service paired with a wide array of products makes Seven Mile Fly Shop your one stop shop in the Keys!

1638 Overseas Highway

Marathon, FL 33050