Letter From The Owner, Travis Katski

Fishing was given to me at an early age. Both Grandads and my Dad showed me the Chesapeake Bay, and there was little I could do to refuse the beauty and magic of fishing. It wasn’t with a fly rod, but soon enough, Flip Pallot was on my TV every Saturday morning on The Walkers Cay Chronicles. Watching Flip’s sense of adventure and devotion to the water subsequently ignited the fire that fueled me to spend much of the 90’s tying flies and fly fishing whenever and wherever I could. From trailering a friend’s 16’ jon boat built with a plywood deck, astro turf interior, and a pine dowel push pole to Fiesta Key, all the way back to Maryland to fly fish the same waters I grew up with. I fished every chance I could, but work took over, and I lost fly fishing for about twenty years. 

In 2017, my family and I took a vacation to the Keys - a reunion of longer than 17 years for me. Every memory from youth flooded back to me, and I felt a calling to the area; this time, not just the water and the fish that swim in the water. This time around, I felt a connection to the people. And as I spent more time in the Keys with my family, I learned and saw what our environment needs from us - stewardship, community, and protection.

After Hurricane Irma, I felt a reinforced connection to the people of the Keys. The City of Marathon showed me compassion after my house, and so many other houses, were destroyed in the storm. It is at a city’s lowest points when its true character is shown. This is what led to the evolution of Seven Mile Fly Shop. I wanted to create a place where everyone could come after a trip and recollect the day’s adventures, where beginners and advanced anglers alike could collect as one community, a fly shop that would represent the amazing people of Marathon, and the Florida Keys in general. The Florida Keys are close to my heart, and I want to share that with the world.






Seven Mile Fly Shop was born and built on the strong foundations of the Florida Keys fly fishing community. We are a premier outfitter and full service fly shop, but moreso, we are passionate anglers, conservationists, and stewards of our environment. We are artists, guides, and everyday people of the Florida Keys community. 
Our promise is to provide the best customer service, top notch products, and an environment for you to celebrate Florida Keys fly fishing. From the flats to the backcountry and beyond, we can’t wait to share our home waters with you. It is our pledge to answer your questions, keep you updated, and on the water as much as possible. Stay a while and wet your line, everyone is welcome at the shop before the bridge.


Born and raised in Florida, Jillian's passion for the Everglades and all things outdoors dates back to her childhood, where she fell in love with fishing and later, hunting. In the Keys, Jillian is an obsessive tarpon angler, her favorite part of fly fishing being the physical and mental challenge. Jillian is a meticulous rigging expert, with experience and knowledge on all things knots to keep everything connected for you in the chaos of the fight. You can find Jillian in the shop, wrangling a tarpon, and even working  as Keys Outreach and Engagement Coordinator for Captains For Clean Water. Keeping Florida's water pristine is important to Jillian, and she is always working towards positive conservation efforts. 


Hunter has loved fishing since a young age – young enough that when his family went offshore fishing, his parents would tie him and the rod to the boat to keep him fishing even in rough waters. Hunter grew up in New Mexico, where he spent his time hunting and fishing. When he moved to the Florida Keys, he immediately immersed himself in learning about the fishing environment and techniques. In just his second year of living in Marathon, he was fortunate enough to catch a 70-pound wahoo. The local newspapers have highlighted him for numerous large Mahi-Mahi catches over the years. He began fly fishing at the age of 17 and quickly became deeply involved in the sport. Hunter cherishes the sense of community around fly fishing and the local shop. Alongside his work at the shop, Hunter has recently completed his certifications to become a firefighter and a certified EMR.
Call us at 305-440-3406 or come see the shop at 1638 Overseas Highway Marathon, FL 33050!


Love can be discovered in the most unexpected places; for Brielle, it is found in the tranquil waters of the Florida Keys. Brielle grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, where she enjoyed spending her free time swimming in the coastal waters and fishing ever since she was a baby. Times changed as her family packed everything up and hit the road. From traveling across the country to casting a line in the crystal-clear waters, The Keys became a way for her to immerse herself in serenity and embrace the rhythmic dance between anglers and fish.

Brielle was introduced to a community of individuals who shared a passion for the sport. She met experienced anglers who generously shared their knowledge and techniques, teaching her the art of reading the water, selecting the right flies, and patiently waiting for the perfect moment to set the hook. What began as a simple trip to escape the chaos of everyday life turned into a life-changing journey filled with adventure, self-discovery, and, ultimately, love.