Carbon Marine Line Lair Pro

Carbon Marine Line Lair Pro

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One of the most epic stories ever told involved our LineLair Pro. If you ever get the chance to meet our phenomenal ambassador, Gerson Kavamoto, I implore you to ask him about his Central America permit story and how the LineLair Pro set him up for success. This nifty fly line management system is made of high density EVA foam so it's designed to float and is 100% UV resistant, making it a perfect tool when it comes to wade fishing by simply tethering it to your person. You no longer have to worry about stepping over your fly line and becoming entangled when the time comes to cast on a tailing red or a rising trout. The LineLair Pro comes with 24 removable rubber spikes giving you the option to arrange them however you see fit.

The LineLair Pro Round diameter is 21" and ships with 24 spikes 3.875" in height.


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