Dragin Fly Line Management Mat

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Medium 16” x 20”

This size is popular for the traveler or the Fly fishers who think that the best boat is always the one their friends own. At 16”x20” it can easily fit in small spaces when stored or traveling. Also popular for SUP’s and small deck spaces such as Gheenoes and other micro skiffs.

Large 16” x 26”

This size is our most popular mat so far. With it’s 16”x26” frame it has the ability to cover the widest range of boats and deck styles to meet your needs. Dual mats are popular when “not fly fishing” isn’t an option or when that 2nd or 3rd shot isn’t at the best angle.

Round 21” diameter

Due to popular request, this 21” round line mat seems to be the perfect size to have at your feet on a casting platform or bow when 2 hand stripping. Having the same attributes as its rectangular brothers, this mat stores easily and is the go to mat for Fly fishers who just refuse to be square.

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