Seigler Lever Drag Fly Reel
Seigler Lever Drag Fly Reel
Seigler Lever Drag Fly Reel
Seigler Lever Drag Fly Reel
Seigler Lever Drag Fly Reel
Seigler Lever Drag Fly Reel
Seigler Lever Drag Fly Reel
Seigler Lever Drag Fly Reel

Seigler Lever Drag Fly Reel

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We have used these reels personally to put a stop to big fish in Mag Bay, the Seychelles, and right here in the Florida Keys. 

  • "Free" to "Maximum" predetermined drag pressure in 140 degrees
  • Know where your drag is set at all times
  • Unnecessary to switch hands to change drag pressure when fighting a fish
  • Strip line without changing predetermined drag pressure
  • Reduces bearing friction by over 25%
  • Lessens stress and torque on shaft while under load
  • Improves line management by allowing line to naturally lay on the downward facing side
We use an E-Clip so you never have to worry about your spool popping off while fighting a fish

Straight up Big Carbon Fiber and Stainless Steel Plates
Not some fluoropolymer or bark material

Strongest Connection
Lowest rod to reel height of any reel
(lessens torque on arm while casting
Easily Replaceable
(comes with extra

The XBF is the ultimate Tarpon Fly Reel it was specifically designed for powerful fish! Speed and line pick up paired with its unmatched drag system


 The BFN Saltwater Fly Reel stands as the pinnacle of excellence for discerning anglers. The saltwater lineup, this reel with its expansive 10-12wt design was meticulously created to accommodate the diverse demands of a broad spectrum of species. Weighing in at a mere 10.2 ounces, it ensures you can cast tirelessly, blending lightweight construction with unwavering power and durability.

The slender .85" spool enhances its appeal, creating a nimble and sleek profile that allows for exceptional line pick-up, paired with balanced angling finesse. Our BFN Saltwater Fly Reel is the quintessence of quality for anglers setting their sights on Snook, Permit, Tarpon, and robust Bones, all designed alongside the best guides in the world. If you love a large diameter spool for fast pick this is the reel for you. 

The BF Saltwater Fly Reel was specifically designed to battle Giant Trevally, Tarpon, Tuna, and Sailfish!

- 11,12,13wt

The MF is the "All-around"

- 9,10,11wt

The SF is like the MF's twin brother that went on the Atkins diet, it looks similar but is thinner at the waistline


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