Umpqua Chewy's Bender
Umpqua Chewy's Bender

Umpqua Chewy's Bender

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"The Bendback fly has been proven as one of the most weedless and snag free fly patterns of all time.

Some of the best fishing happens around snags, rocks and vegetation and getting your fly snagged up at the worst moment is painful.

Unlike other patterns that rely on mono weed guards, Chewy’s Bender is naturally snag free by design.

Chewy’s Bender also improved the swimming and balance of the original bendback by using Umpqua’s Tungsten Jig Bombs and XS435 hook.

Chewy’s Bender is the softest landing, best fishing weedless fly for a multitude of species and depths."

- Signature Tyer Dave Chouinard

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