Umpqua Chewy's Minnr
Umpqua Chewy's Minnr
Umpqua Chewy's Minnr

Umpqua Chewy's Minnr

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"Chewy’s Minnr quite possibly could be one of the best skinny water minnow patterns ever developed. Bold statement, but fish one and you will quickly find out why Umpqua is so excited about this new pattern.

See, most minnow patterns have suffered from having dumbbell eyes for weight and to turn the hook up. They protrude and make a splat and are not great for sight casting or snags. 

Chewy’s Minnr is the ultimate baitfish to cross any saltwater fish with…especially if you need to land it softly. 

Chewy’s Minnr is a joy to fish and cast and everything eats a minnow!"


- Signature Tyer Dave Chouinard


Destination:Bahamas, Belize, Florida Keys, Gulf of Mexico

Color:Chartreuse/tan, Olive/tan, Pink/tan, Tan, White

Size:02, 04, 06

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