Umpqua Electric Slider

Umpqua Electric Slider

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The Electric Slider first came as an inspiration as a result of fish not being able to track a given fly well due to off color, or dirty water conditions.

The Electric Slider offers excellent material movement and a dark contrast in those muddy/stained water conditions. The implication of the craft fur tail, the cross cut rabbit strip body, and the rubber legs gives the fly great material movement and fluctuation, while the spun deer hair head allows the fly to push water, bringing alive it’s realism from an underwater perspective.

The Electric slider has seen many different situations, as well as fish, from Tarpon and Snook in the Glades, to Redfish all up and down the South East coast, the Electric Slider has covered some ground. This is a thoroughly enjoyable bug to fish due to the visual eats you can experience, along with its lightweight, making for easy castability, while offering a soft presentation to fish in skinny situations. 


- Signature Tyer Luke Panzarella

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