Umpqua Redfish Scampi - BC

Umpqua Redfish Scampi - BC

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"The Redfish Scampi was developed off of Umpqua's widely popular Bonefish Scampi platform which is arguably one of the best bonefish flies to ever hit the flats.

 The color pattern and hook sizes were tweaked to better fool a redfish throughout the entire southeastern United States (including the Gulf states of TX, LA, MS and AL).

 The original Redfish Scampi was only offered with weighted dumbbell eyes and anglers asked, "Can we get it with bead chain eyes for those super shallow belly crawlers?"

 It will not only catch redfish but nearly any fish that swims on the flats. To its credit it has already caught juvenile tarpon, small sharks, pompano, trout, flounder and sheepshead."

- Signature Tyer Henry Cowen

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